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    This position contributes to the success of the RUSNAK Auto Group by providing financial direction, by determining realistic goals/budgets and equipping each business with the tools and processes necessary to achieve its financial plan. Furthermore, this position ensures company-wide compliance and oversees internal auditing, implements best business finance practices, and deliver superior owner, client and associate satisfaction.


    KRA: Design and effective manage the Company Strategic Planning and Budget Process:

    ·     Work closely with the dealer, General Managers and corporate staff to develop long-range planning, cash management, funds allocation and business development.

    ·     Analyzes and studies general economic, business, and financial conditions and their impact on the dealership's policies and operations; strategizes and responds to fluctuating trends.

    ·     Assists General Managers and directors in preparing financial projections and budgets for each dealership/business entity.

    ·     Meets quarterly with Strategic Planning Team to adjust/modify the corporate strategic plan.

    ·     Advises/determines/discusses business expansion, acquisition and growth opportunities with dealer and CEO.

    ·     Reviews and adapts management compensation plans to correspond with the corporate strategic plan/goals.


    KRA: Effective Financial Performance Management:

    ·     Maintains close working relationships with accountants to ensure adherence to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and maintenance of a dealership financial structure designed to minimize tax liabilities.

    ·     Analyzes and reviews monthly financial statements; pinpoints areas of opportunity and works with General Managers to address them.

    ·     Analyzes, consolidates, and directs all   accounting procedures together with other statistical and routine reports.

    ·     Oversees and directs the preparation and issuance of the dealership's annual report.

    ·     Oversees and directs budgeting, audit, tax, accounting, purchasing, real estate, and insurance activities.

    ·     Maintains close working relationship with legal counsel to ensure that all dealership financial activities are properly conducted, documented, and reported.

    ·     Appraises the dealership's financial position and issues periodic financial and operating reports.

    ·     Manages the corporate payables/receivables and signs checks for various business office payables.

    ·     Administers the corporate office’s payroll and benefits.


    KRA: Effective Business Office Management

    ·     Directs the controllers in providing and managing the procedures/systems necessary to maintain proper records and to afford adequate accounting controls/services.

    ·     Works with General Managers to interpret key business drivers associated with financial statements and reports.

    ·     Coordinates with Human Resources to hire / retain highly qualified controllers/office managers and develop succession plans.

    ·     Assists the CEO and general managers with cash flow management by working with the controller to follow contracts-in-transit, accounts receivable, and other amounts due to the dealership.


    KRA: Maintain a productive workforce that efficiently meets the needs of the company:

    ·     Develop a service-oriented workforce; lead by example, set expectation, and hold employees accountable for performance being in alignment with the company culture, values, and service standards (The RUSNAK Standard); develop a workforce that is highly engaged and committed to success of the Company.

    ·     Hold employees accountable for quality results and service: provide clear company and business unit vision, expectations, training, and coaching; evaluate employees on a regular basis, providing feedback on accomplishments and areas of required improvement; and apply disciplinary action in a timely manner and in accordance with company policy and procedure.

    ·     Maintain adequate staffing level to successfully meet business demand; develop accurate budget, create job descriptions that maximize employee’s skills, maintain cross-trained staff, recruit in a timely manner, and hire well qualified individuals.

    ·     Foster staff collaboration and ownership; engage staff in planning, process improvement, strategy implementation, and as appropriate in conflict resolution, problem solving, etc.

    ·     Maintain a well-developed workforce; train in latest policy, procedures, and best practices; cross-train staff; provide employees with challenging tasks to strengthen their skill set to be able to better meet current job needs and future company needs.


    KRA:  Maintain an efficient and cost-effective operation:

    ·     Create and manage an efficient and productive operational budget; operate within budgetary guidelines; monitor payroll, supplies, and other operational cost on a regular basis; constantly review spending versus actual need and company performance to ensure cost containment; monitor vendors and hold them accountable for ROI and quality of service.

    ·     Build strong and efficient relationships with other business units; collaborate with other department leaders and staff to create efficient interdepartmental processes, manage joint projects and resolve issues in a manner that is best for the Company.

    ·     Maintain department policies, procedures, and guidelines, well documented, current, and easily accessible to staff.

    ·     Create and successfully implement efficient processes, workloads that maximize employee’s skills, and quality audits to ensure the services are produced in a timely manner, accurately, and in compliance with company policy and guidelines.

    ·     Foster efficiency; continuously seek to improve processes and service; solicit and apply feedback from clients, colleagues, and management; regularly conduct service surveys and internal audits, and promptly create required solutions to service problems.

    ·     Maintains information confidential; ensure work area is secure; store and distribute employee, client, and company information according to legal and company guidelines; do not discuss confidential information with anyone except as allowed by law, the Company, and only when required for business purposes.


    KRA: Build Effective Internal and External Client Relations/Retention:

    ·     Maintain a strong “Client-Centric” vision that is aligned with “The Rusnak Standard” and best practices to provide professional and exemplary service and create an extraordinary experience during every encounter with internal and external customers.

    ·     Actively listen and communicate verbally and in writing, in a courteous, professional, clear, and concise manner to ensure client understanding and identify client needs beyond expressed concerns.

    ·     Respond in a timely, courteous, professional, friendly and welcoming manner, with a “consultative, value-added” approach to develop a strong business relationship and promote future business at every encounter with clients.


    KRA: Exemplify the Brand and Corporate Culture:

    ·     Seize every opportunity to improve Client satisfaction by conducting self in a professional manner and working in accordance Company values, beliefs, norms, and standards; hold self and others accountable for exemplifying the corporate culture.              

    ·     Respect and demonstrate passion for the RUSNAK brand and our manufacturers’ brands; be professional, respectful, honest, and behave in the utmost ethical manner with internal/external Clients, fellow employees, management, vendors, and business associates, at work and at any event and/or activity that is related to RUSNAK and/or its manufacturers.

    ·     Maintain a professional and well-groomed personal appearance and a clean, neat, and inviting work area, at all times.


    KRA: Initiate Relevant Professional Development:

    ·     Seek out opportunities to enhance personal organizational, communication, and negotiation skills.

    ·     Maintain current job, product, company policy, guidelines, and processes knowledge to improve effectiveness with clients.

    ·     Consistently produce accurate and thorough work that meets “The Rusnak Standard.”


    KRA: Ensure A Safe Work Environment:

    ·     Be personally responsible and accountable for complying with the Company Health and Safety (H&S) processes that are within personal control; perform duties in a way that will not cause personal danger, endanger other individuals, or violate local, state, federal, or environmental regulations.

    ·     Promptly correct or report any hazard or potential hazard to supervisor, head of Safety Committee, or Human Resources; wear the necessary protective equipment; ensure work location is kept safe, neat, organized, and effectively laid out.


    • Required; minimum of 10 years in position of CFO or similar positions in Automotive or Luxury Retail industry
    • Experience with multi franchise auto group
    • Ability to manage 10 or more franchises
    • Ability to manage annual sales revenue in excess of 1 billion dollars
    • Preferred; CPA
    • Required; Current California Driver License with satisfactory Department of Motor Vehicle driving record
    • Required or Desired; Computer skill in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and ADP CRM, PAYROLL, DRIVE and other dealership database systems



    Master's Degree : Finance Desired

    Licenses Required

    Valid CA Driver License


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